We Are Here – public event 30.09.2017

We Are Here
Saturday, 30st September 2017 – 15h
Where? Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien

In the old economy university (alte WU) – entrance coming from Augasse 2-6. 4.
floor section C – rooms of the Student union of Fine Art Academy.

Dear traveller,
You are a trusted invitee to We Are Here.
By entering the space, you become part of our pocketuniverses: embodying the utopia, living the everyday life in Europe and the struggles that emerges between the how-it-is and how-it-could-be.
Together, we will experience stories and scenarios around reality and activism, as varied as: How can we live in the now and by that be the change we want to see in the world? How did we end up in this (gender-)binary society? Where does the notion come from that there is an easy solution towards complex questions in society? Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? What happened that people follow right wing ideologies that attack their very own basics of existence?
The secret is our reason for playing. Bring your friends with you!

Event starts at 15h and ends at 18h.
The space is accessible with a wheelchair.
Language of the event will be english.
Snacks and Drinks will be on site.

in case of questions write to: office@macuco.org


This public event is part of a meeting for youth workers in context of the YAPP ME training (http://yapp-me.macuco.org/). The project is funded by Erasmus+ (http://www.jugendinaktion.at/). The project also applied for funding by come-on – (http://www.come-on.at/)
Thanks to all the people for support to make this project happen as well as to the student union of fine arts for sharing their space.